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The People’s Telephone Company

Based in Vancouver, BC, since 2004, Peopleline provides easy-to-use, quality and affordable Internet-based phone services to homes and businesses in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and BC.

Our services range from simple, low cost home phone services perfect for the family, to highly customizable, scalable multi-line IP PBX services for any business. When combined with smartphones, email and messaging, our services make communication more flexible and accessible.

Customized Solutions

Phone system requirements vary from customer to customer. We will meet face-to-face to walk you through the pre-install phone system requirements and design a phone plan to fit your needs. A variety of SIP, open standards-based, Internet phone brands are available and also very customizable using our phone provisioning services.

Once your phone system is setup, it can be further customized using our web administration portal or working remotely with one our support technicians to make any future adjustments you need.

Local Support

We have the advantage of providing on-site support to our Lower Mainland customers. We’ll work with you through to the completion of small or large phone installations or relocations, including training and ongoing post-installation support.

Our support team is supplemented by local partners ranging from IT/telephony professionals, security services, and network/cabling installers, all of whom can help support your general network, security and communications needs.

Scalability, Quality and Reliability

At our service’s core are scalable, mission-critical systems and technologies that we manage ourselves. We deploy clusters of distributed load-balanced servers, which scale to support the largest of applications while providing reliable auto-fail over server / network redundancy.  Equipment is located at state-of-the-art Vancouver based datacentres with 24×7 monitoring, security, power, and network redundancies. Access to high-capacity bandwidth and interconnectivity to large Internet providers ensure quality connections. Finally, our partnerships with national phone carriers allow us to expand our network footprint from local to regional, nation-wide and beyond.

Affordable Prices, No Hidden Fees

We strive to keep our prices competitive. Home phone services start as low $9.95/mo and multi-line business systems start at a reasonable $15/line per month. The best part is that there are no hidden fees, rate hikes or long-term contracts.

Call us at 604 639 2550 and we can see which plan is best for you.

Don't see what you want? We'll build a custom plan that meets your unique needs.

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