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Teams as a Phone

You can combine Microsoft Teams™ with our business phone service and enable another convenient option for communicating with your customers and colleagues, whether you are working remotely or in your office. Use Teams either with a Peopleline standalone phone line / trunk or with an extension on our hosted PBX to place, answer, and transfer calls.

Interoperability and Flexibility

There is no need to replace phone hardware or software or change your call flows. Teams becomes an add-on application to your Peopleline phone system and interoperates with your existing Internet phones. You can therefore interchange between using Teams, your Internet phone, Web, and Windows based phone apps, as well as your favourite Android/iOS softphone apps for maximum choice.

Leverage Feature-Rich PBX

The Peopleline hosted PBX is a very feature-rich and powerful solution for managing call flows, monitoring phones, customization and selection of phones/apps and call flows. By adding Teams to the PBX service, you get a familiar app for making calls, while retaining a powerful phone system with a choice of affordable phones and integrated applications.

How to Save

Because our recommended softphone apps are freely available and you can add users as needed, you can be selective in how to deploy Teams as a phone. By assigning Teams as a phone to key users where it makes sense, you save significantly on Teams licensing costs. Other users can use our cloud phone service’s full featured web browser client app or supported Windows, Android or iOS apps that cost nothing extra to deploy.

Easy to Setup

Adding Teams as a phone is simple. You will need a Teams phone license and be an administrative user of your Microsoft account. We will then email you a link to auto-sync your Teams application with your Peopleline phone service. Once synchronized, you can make or receive calls using Teams. It will allow you to use any version of Teams (Microsoft Cloud, Windows Desktop, Android/iOS) as a phone.

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