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A “New Age” in Business Communications.

Telework from home or anywhere to keep your business running today and beyond. Our Cloud-based business communications services combined with a 3CX IP PBX deliver a variety of new, remotely managed communication tools for you and your staff, ensuring everyone in your team participation in normal daily business activities, even during a move, expansion or lockdown.

Whatever the situation, are you prepared? Can your employees use voice / video apps or Web Conferencing to productively work from home or from anywhere? Or tie in their mobiles into your phone system? Can they hold on-line meetings without needing apps? Or continue to service customers using web site live chat and get voice / fax / text messages to their email? We have flexible, easy-to-use communication apps and solutions that address these needs, keeping customers in touch with your business no matter where your team resides.

Not only can your team remain productive when apart, Teleworking can steer you to a better bottom line. At no other time has the need to rapidly move away from traditional office operations to a remote workforce environment been brought into focus. It provides a path to downsizing or even eliminating expensive office space overhead. Imagine using the tremendous savings to promote or expand, especially during the critical start-up phase of a business.

Our goal is to introduce businesses to a “New Age” in business communications that is suited for today’s evolving workplace demands. If recent times have exposed the limitations of your office’s communications, Peopleline’s hosted voice/fax/texting services will remove those communication barriers (and costs) to keep you carrying on.

Key Features / Benefits

Easy to manage 3CX IP PBX
built for working remotely
App Free Web / Video Conferencing

Stay open with
Website Live Chat

Use office extensions anywhere with the Smartphone apps (Android / iOS)

Voice, fax and text
on one number

Affordable multi-line services
to cut your office phone costs
Telework to reduce or cut your
office space cost entirely.
Hassle free
one-stop shop service

Note: For 3CX partners and resellers, we can offer a 3CX PBX in combination with affordable VoIP trunking and hosting services


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