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Text Messaging for Your Business and Home

As easy and convenient as texting from a smartphone, Ucanmessage lets you send and receive texts from your Peopleline phone number, any VoIP phone number, any landline number and toll-free number, or as many direct phone numbers lines as you need.

For businesses, this includes your main office number, branch office numbers, or direct phone numbers to departments or personnel. Because so many people are texting today, text messaging for your business numbers provides a convenient and practical way to communicate with your staff and customers alike.


We will first text enable your phone number and set up an email address of your choice for sending and receiving texts. There is no need to download or configure additional software or applications since you use your existing email service to send/receive text messages. Your email will be sent as a text message to the recipient’s smartphone and their text reply will be received to your Email. As a result, the text messages are archived or easily searchable in your Email inbox.

Why more businesses are texting

  • Less than 1% of texts are viewed as SPAM
  • 97% of texts are opened in less than 15 minutes
  • Texts generally get a faster response as compared to email or voicemail
  • Younger generations prefer communicating with text.



Customers like a single point of contact – voice calls and texting use the same number. It is very easy to use from anywhere and on any device with your Email.


Our business text messaging service guarantees all text communications are searchable and archived in your email.  Stop employees from using their personal cell phones to text your customers.  Easily keep 100% of all employee/customer text conversations.

Increase Engagement

Customers are already sending text messages.  Are you getting them?

Increase Market Share

Younger generations prefer communicating through texting.


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