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Perfect for any business’ phone needs, Peopleline provides scalable and quality hosted IP PBX services that are both highly customizable and affordable. Our service is suitable for any office, whether that is a home office, a business with one or more locations, or even virtual office with no fixed location. The best part is that transferring your phone services to our hosted IP PBX is very easy and will put you on a path to significant savings.

What is a Hosted (IP PBX)?

Our hosted IP PBX is a VoIP cloud-based, multi-line phone service, which better serves your business and increasingly mobile workforce.  It replaces old and fixed-location legacy phone systems and desk phones with new, more portable Internet phones and / or mobile applications that connect over the Internet to our 24 x 7 network centers. From there we manage everything for you to provide phone service to wherever in the World you have Internet access.

Feature Rich

The hosted PBX has an impressive list of features including multi-line features such as virtual over lines, call hunting, call queues, conferencing and paging. Customizable auto-attendants let you manage your call flows. Each phone extension includes voicemail, call forwarding, call display, call hold and transfer, three-way calling, and so much more.

For a full list of our hosted PBX features, refer to our VPBX Brochure.

Mobility and Global Reach

Our hosted PBX further streamlines your communications by combining VoIP, mobiles, and other messaging services. You can use our recommended softphone apps with Android and iOS mobiles or from a remote computer to make and receive calls, send texts from your Peopleline phone number or phone extension. Because all texts, faxes and voice mails go to your Email, you will have convenient, centralized, anywhere access to all messages.
By leveraging the Internet, WiFi, and cellular networks, imagine having two or more phones at separate locations with your laptop and smart phone, all sharing one extension or phone number, so that you receive your office calls and messages anytime and anywhere around the globe.
Your staff, whether located remotely in a branch or home office, or while traveling, connects with one another and clients directly via your phone system. Calls between locations are free.


You can start as small as 1 or 2 incoming lines with a few phone extensions and manage callers without requiring special hardware or even a fixed office location. Your smart phone can be your business phone.  As your business grows, add bi-directional virtual lines to gain access to our affordable local SIP trunks / lines and long distance. Add phones and extensions as you add staff and offices, connecting them to one another via the hosted PBX and an assortment of smart phones, soft phones and IP Phones.

We Manage For You

We setup, manage and support the hosted PBX for you. There is no need for expensive on-site PBX hardware, complex servers, IT staff, or physical phone lines since we remotely manage your business phone service needs.

Easy Installation

We’ll guide you through the phone system design and implementation process. If you’re using just your cell phone, you will not need to install anything. If you use IP Phones, simply plug in your IP phones to your local network and begin calling.

Easy Administration

Once everything is setup, you can use a web administration interface to manage your phones, phone users and call flows. Our customer support staff is also available to help.


  • VoIP today is a mature technology
  • Open Standards – SIP is here to stay
  • Reduced maintenance costs for adds, moves and changes
  • Unified Communications becomes easy
  • Work with existing PSTN connections or use SIP trunks
  • Choose from a multitude of IP Phones
  • Use a Softphone when out on the road
  • Use mobile devices such as cell phones as part of the IP PBX
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