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Mobility Services

PeopleLine’s Internet phone service combines your home and business communications with mobiles and smart phones. Using our hosted phone services, you can place your business or home phone number on the devices you love and streamline your communication needs.

Applications for Smart Phones

Do away with the desk phone and run a soft phone on your desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone. Soft phone applications that include Peer-to-peer video also make it possible to let remote workers and global offices feel more connected to HQ. Include your Peopleline number with SMS applications that enable texting to any number.

Anywhere Communications

For businesses this means your staff, whether located remotely in a branch / home office, or while traveling, will always be connected directly into your phone system. Calls between locations are free.
By leveraging the Internet, WiFi and cellular networks, imagine having two or more phones at different locations with your laptop and smart phone all sharing one phone number or local extension, so that you receive your calls and messages anytime and anywhere around the globe.


You can integrate other applications with your phone system. We’re happy to offer ideas, or evaluate and integrate your suggestions where possible. For example, connect your phone service to a CRM service, such as, to gain a single point from where to access all your contact information and place and record call activities.

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